“Visiting my website is the first courageous step towards seeking help.”

A very warm welcome

Visiting my website tells me you are taking the first courageous step towards asking for and receiving help. 
To do so is not always easy, but making the decision to seek therapy is one that can lead to a new way of living with more joy, clarity and positivity. 
Sometimes when life is just not working out the way you’d hoped, you might find yourself in need of a little extra support. Life is a complex and often baffling experience, especially now, as many of us struggle to make sense of the uncertainty, changes and fears triggered by COVID-19. 
I offer you a warm, friendly, welcoming space where we can work through your concerns together.  I have a particular interest in women's issues from young women finding their way in the world, juggling career choices, family and relationships to maturing women struggling to realign during that unsettling period of adapting to changes such as children leaving the nest. Changing career status, relationships breaking down, baffling hormonal menopausal issues or feelings of loss and bereavement can affect us deeply, leaving us with a sense that life and happiness beyond feels uncertain and insecure.

I have been working extensively with NHS staff struggling with the pressures of work or family challenges, particularly during the current COVID-19 pandemic so do reach out to me if this is an area where you need support. 

I offer couple therapy to facilitate a deeper understanding of the conflicts in your relationship, ways to improve communication, encourage intimacy and honesty between you so that you can share your true feelings safely. Sometimes it's about finding ways to separate with care and kindness recognising the hurt and pain without blame and anger.  
I can help you develop and nurture a deeper capacity for resilience and confidence, empowering you to face life’s painful and difficult challenges. 
I will listen to you with kindness and compassion, using an approach uniquely tailored to you. We’ll focus on changing what can be changed and learn to live and grow around those that cannot be. 
Together, we’ll find the path to a happier, healthier life. 
To find out more about my service and whether I offer what you are looking for, without obligation, please contact me by clicking on the contact button.

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