“I will walk alongside you while together we figure out what positive change can look like for you.”

About me

I have had a somewhat varied career as a social worker, a teacher, a lecturer, a mother and now as an integrative, psychotherapeutic counsellor. Through these different life experiences of working in the helping professions, I have learnt to nurture an understanding and deep compassion for the inner world of my clients. I can offer support and challenge in equal measure on your journey from awareness to change. 
I believe that discomfort is often a call to change, telling us our current way of living is no longer working. 
Sometimes we are forced to adapt to find better ways of managing our current situation. Change is complex and building bridges is challenging to tackle alone: I will walk alongside you while together we figure out what positive change can look like for you. 
Whilst I work with a broad range of concerns, I have a particular interest in  women's issues from young women finding their way in the world, juggling career choices, family and relationships to maturing women struggling to realign during that unsettling period of adapting to changes such as  children leaving the nest. Changing career status, relationships breaking down, baffling hormonal menopausal issues or feelings of loss and bereavement can affect us deeply, leaving us with a sense that life and happiness beyond feels uncertain and insecure. I have personally experienced many of these life changes and needed, of necessity to reinvent myself numerous times in adaptation to my changing landscape. I know how difficult being at a crossroad can feel and how helpful it is to have support through this unsettling time. It may sometimes seem that there are no choices or too many choices on offer. There is, however, always a choice and through compassionate exploration, we can strive to find your best way forward. 

I have extensive experience of working with the pressures of work, family and relationship challenges; difficult childhoods; anxiety; self-esteem and self-confidence concerns; life changes and adaptations; bereavement; depression and couple therapy.

I enjoy offering couple counselling and working together on rekindling relationships through finding ways to hear what the other is truly saying, often behind the harsh words and unkind actions. Understanding how our childhood impacts on our choice of relationships and how new ways of communicating can open the way to a more intimate, nourishing partnership.

There are many different aspects to couple counselling. I specialise in offering pre-marriage/commitment preparation with a choice of a 4 or 6 hour course to prepare you for what lies ahead and offer your relationship the best possible start. If you are planning a deeper commitment; are newlyweds feeling a bit disillusioned; know you have existing difficulties that need resolving before moving forward or are seeking skills and insight to navigate a successful relationship, do contact me for further information. I offer a certificate of completion should you need evidence of completion of training.

I also offer Discernment Counselling for couples who want to gain clarity, confidence and a deeper understanding around whether they are up for working on improving their relationship through couples counselling. Discernment Counselling is not couple counselling per se as it focusses on helping couples decide whether they can commit to a period of couple counselling during which time, divorce, as an option, is taken off the table. Often these couples are on the brink of separating but there is still some ambivalence about breaking up the relationship. Usually one partner is 'leaning-out' of the relationship and one is still committed to making it work, or the 'leaning-in' partner. Discernment Counselling takes place over 1-5 sessions with the couple committing to one session at a time. Most of the time is spent working individually with me although there are also some joint periods to each session. The initial session lasts 2 hours and thereafter sessions last 90 minutes. do contact me if you'd be interested in knowing more about Discernment Counselling.

Developing self-esteem, confidence and finding out who you are, is often a pivotal feature of the therapy. 

My practice is inclusive and I am respectful and affirmative of diversity in race, culture, ethnicity, sexuality, disability, gender and faith.
*Please contact me if I haven’t covered your particular concern but you feel that we might work well together. 
I offer individual adult (21 years+) and couple short-term and long-term therapy online during my working hours.

I currently offer online appointments between 9.00am - 2.00pm Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Professional Membership

I am a fully qualified and accredited individual and couple therapist working integratively, employing a variety of approaches to best suit your needs. 
I am a registered, accredited member of the BACP and adhere to their ethical principles, reassuring you that I will strive at all times to work safely, with integrity and in your best interests. 

BACP Registered Member 379878 MBACP (Accred)


I now work entirely in private practice as an independent psychotherapist. 
Previous posts include working at:
The Women’s Consortium in Wembley, Brent
NHS IAPT Services in Wandsworth 
Help Counselling Centre, Notting Hill, London
Volunteer Therapist at Project5 supporting NHS Staff in Crisis 
I now work predominantly as an independent therapist in Private Practice. 

 I am fully insured, GDPR compliant and hold an Enhanced DBS Certificate (criminal record check)   

Professional Qualifications

B. Soc Sci Degree in Social Work and Psychology 
CPCAB Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling
CPCAB Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Studies 
CPCAB Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills 
MA in Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia) 
Advanced Diploma in Education and Psychology for SEN
PGCE in Education

Training and Continued Professional Development
Supporting Women through the Menopausal Transition 
Working with Clients using a Systemic Approach 
Counselling Older Adults 
Couple Counselling Training: Levels 1 and Advanced Level 2.
Ellyn Bader training 'Working with Infidelity'
Ellyn Bader training in using the Initiator-Inquirer method and Understanding Differentiation
Discernment Counselling 
Training in Attachment and Complex Trauma 
Training in Trauma and Somatic Memory
Working Therapeutically with Shame 
Relational Depth in Counselling & Psychotherapy 
A Pluralistic Approach to Therapy 
Training in Child Sexual Abuse 
Training in Domestic Abuse Counselling 
Addressing Abuse, Complex Trauma and PTSD 
Dealing with Distress, Self-harm and Suicide 
Training in Neuroscience and the Polyvagal Theory 
Suicidality and Risk Management 
First aid for Health Anxiety 
How to do Counselling Online: A Coronavirus Primer (BACP) 
Learn to Love Online Therapy Training Course 
Training in Counselling in the Covid-19 Pandemic 
Addressing Suicidality & Suicide Risk Online 
Certificate in Online and Telephone Counselling (ACTO approved)
Helping People through Quarantine and Social Isolation 
Bereavement, Grief and Loss during COVID-19
Working with Binge Eating 
Working Creatively with Blocked Anger
Using Polyvagal Theory in Therapy
Working with Chronic Pain

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